Lick Yrself Clean

by LCD Catsystem

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There is a house, a New York brownstone townhouse, where the spectre of feline inferiority and owner eccentricity is merely an anxiety of the past. The archetypical idiosyncratic pet possessor with her multitudinous strays has given way to a different sort of grimalkin appreciation. A new breed of felinophiles was born. From the rugged streets of Western Brooklyn to Manhattan's Lower East Side to Los Angeles' Echo Park, a nouvelle vague of cat owners reclaimed the lofty standing of this noble beast. Not since the deified cats of Ancient Egypt have cats been treated with such respect. This new generation learned from their owners the ways of the world as they experienced it. They saw the same films, they read the same books, and certainly listened to the same music. Some of these animals became even more nuanced and subtle arbiters of taste than their owners, perhaps owing to markedly superior sensory perception to humans. This is the spring from which LCD Catsystem flows, a wealth of inspiration and genius where one would not be sticking her neck out by predicting the next great movement in art. LCD Catsystem is the ultimate collection of the genius of the current cat scene. Yes, there are quite a few musical artists in the current feline scene making quite a bit of noise, but none has destinguished themselves to such a degree as LCD Catsystem.


released August 27, 2011
LCD Catsystem is Jonas, Cleopatra, Magnus, and Crater with additional performances by Sabrina.

Production: Max B.
Engineering: Jared S.
From a concept by: Carter D., Cleo G., Jared S., and Max B.
Artwork: Carter Davis




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